Delhi Public Sansthan Educational Society - Support and Guidance to the franchisee Partners


We, the Members and Team of the DPSE-Society acquire a Charter of Excellence in Education, Social Service and Advanced Development of Human Values with a commitment:

PROCESS/PROCEDURE OF APPLYING UNDER OUR AEGIS:- The steps that are required to apply for the franchise are as follows:-

  • As soon as you apply for the enquiry form you will receive a mail regarding the documents along with survey fee prescribed which are required to submit via mail(softcopy).
  • Once your documents are received and verified by the organisation you will receive a mail and telephonic conversation regarding the survey of your preferred location.
  • After the survey of your location by the eminent professionals of the organisation, a report will be generated which will be delivered to you along with the details of a meeting with a Business-Head/Franchisee Head of the organisation at Site Location of the existing institute, which are affiliated with CBSE New Delhi.
  • Once your site is approved by the management you will be finally called to sign an MOU with the Business-Head of the society by paying 50% of their License fee in advance.
  • Once the MOU is signed, you can start building the infrastructure and interiors of the school for upcoming session as per standards prescribed by the society.
  • After completion of the construction of the school, franchisee signs the franchise agreement by paying the balance of the license fee on or before the date of agreement or before the day you go ahead with Printing and Digital Advertisement.
  • School Branch needs to update society throughout regarding the preparation for launching its branch, getting continuous support from the management for its promotion, training and recruitment of the faculty, etc.
  • Once your branch is launched, you need to stay in continuous touch with the society to remain under its expert guidance and to maintain the educational standards of your branch.
  • After the completion of first successful academic year then society will charge Royalty on school every year.

List of document in intial stage to be submitted to obtain franchisee.

  1. Firm Registration Document- Details, if already existing ( By-laws/deed and/or certificate of registration)
  2. Land Document, Layout and Land description ( attach layout of the land and land papers. Drawing/sketch/photo)*
  3. Letter of Interest on the letter head of firm with seal. (Letter of acceptance on the Letter Head of the Organization/Firm/Business/Services) *.
  4. Site Inspection Request Letter on the letter head of Firm with seal .
  5. Income Tax Return of the person/organization/firm/business/services any one among the last two years.
  6. Address proof (Voter Card/Passport/Ration Card/Driving License/Aadhaar card )*
  7. Site Survey Form.
  8. Building/infrastructure if already existing on the land/location for which you have applied to come our aegis (Photograph proof/Infrastructure layout).
  9. Description of sources of finance to be used in the school project.
  10. Attach personal ID Proof (Voter Card/Passport/Ration Card/Driving License/Aadhaar card and photo).
  11. Area description in term of marketability and current paying fee structure in the surrounding area ( top 10 schools of that area). It means a survey of schools in your area in terms of fee structure and facilities providing to the student by the schools. (For your assistance a survey form has been enclosed with attachment please find it.)
  12. Four(4) Stamp size photographs

Criteria for franchisee: The requirement to obtain a franchisee under the aegis of DPSE-Society, New Delhi are as follows :-

  1. Step No 1:- Requirement of land :- 3 acres/ 1,30,680 square feet ( in some case 2 acres/87120 sq.ft ) with complete Boundary of the land.
  2. Step No 2:- Register an Educational firm ( Society , Trust or Company under section 8 ) along with amendment of starting a Delhi Public Sansthan under the Aegis of DPSE-SOCIETY, NEW DELHI.
  3. Step No 3:- Requirement of Construction :- 1st phase minimum 15000 sq.ft ( in some case 12000 sq.ft) ( for classes Nursery to Std 6).
  4. Step No 4:- Minimum Paying Capacity of the Area in term of Annual fee collection should not be less than 35000 Rs. Yearly.
  5. Step No 5:- Apart from land and Building, the investment in a project will not be less than 2 (Two)Cr in first phase
  6. Step No 6:- Royalty will be 3-5% on the total collection of the fees in any form.
  7. Step No 7:- Franchisee Fee varies from location to location on various ground ranging from (15L to 1 Cr.)
Establishment Support
  1. Help in location finalization.
  2. Consulting civil works, paint work, etc.
  3. Assistance in recruitment and selection of faculty.
  4. 2-day Start-up training for franchisee on Site
  5. Special staff training in educational skills - Train The Trainer Program.
  6. To help, provide and support (Guideline) for filling NOC, Affiliation from Various Educational Boards.
  7. Architectural support, layout and design.
  8. Selection of resources like books, stationeries, uniform, Educational aids, Furniture and Fixture etc.

Operational Support
  1. Solve problems which arises during the administrations Via Telephonic or Email Or Skype .
  2. Web enabled ERP System.
  3. Regular exercise of student performance, Report study, Analysis and assistance.
  4. Structured and Profit oriented strategies.
  5. To Provide a guideline for an educational conferences with parents
Promotional & Marketing Support
  1. Area specific marketing plan and execution support.
  2. Training: Sales & Marketing.
  3. Counselling, Telemarketing & Sales, Presentation to students and parents. School activities & student contact data collection.
  4. Marketing Collateral: Designs for boards, Banners, Pamphlets, mailers, brochures, presentations etc.
Academic Support
  1. Yearly training continuously available.
  2. To support Guideline for class room curriculum and academic program.
  3. Latest Class Teaching Aid/Equipment, knowledge.
  4. Teaching notes and/or Slides for presentation in class.
  5. Select the best system from different educators all around the globe.
  6. Selection of Guest Lecture by Eminent personalities .